"Dans l'univers de la coutellerie, pour certains, David Baldensperger peut encore faire figure d'OVNI. A mille lieux des productions industrielles, ce coutelier-forgeron travaille en solo selon des techniques ancestrales et réinvente l'un des plus nobles ustensiles de la culture populaire et quotidienne, tout en faisant revivre l'artisanat d'art aubussonnais. Une prouesse et une audace qui mène le coutelier à la pointe de son art". 

180°C - N°6 - Texte D. Germain, photographies V. Baldensperger 

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David Baldensperger // Coutelier-Forgeron

Marie-Armelle Baldensperger // Lissière

Here the elements speak. Art and Matter combined — fiber artist and silversmith. Each one speaking in a voice of passion, precision and intensity; their gestures delicate, precious, attentive and rooted in technical mastery. When the Art of Aubusson tapestry  encounters traditional cutlery… The resulting creations are nothing less than astonishing.

This is a world of contrasts, from the soft and quiet whispers of the loom to the fiery depths of the forge. It echoes the surrounding countryside and its dense forests where the sun can rip through the undergrowth in one sharp, blinding fury.

Surrounded by tens of coloured balls of twine, Marie-Armelle works patiently, repeating century-old gestures recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Each and every new piece of Aubusson tapestry destined to grace a knife.

From the small room where she toils you can hear the clanging of the hammer falling on the anvil, the old bellows awakening the soul locked inside the metal… This is where David conquers the elements, hours upon hours spent hammering the blades, cutting, sharpening, sanding, polishing…

I’d like to invite you here, to spend a few hours or a few days in the heart of La Creuse. To breathe, to smell, to observe and listen. To discover the authenticity of two artisans, two unique savoir-faire's — borne of tradition and modernity.


Photos © Vincent Baldensperger